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Since 1882, Weiss was the author of some of the most inspiring pages over written about luxury chocolate
and created many specialities that have since become classics in the great tradition of French chocolate making.

«My passion and my art. Like love, chocolate is an eternal source of inspiration, exciting the noblest emotions.»

- Weiss Founder
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Weiss offers the mouth-watering delights of homemade chocolates with fruity and roasted flavours, length and intensity in the mouth, and melting Sweetness…

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About us

The Weiss Chocolate company is one of the few remaining french chocolate company to have totally perfected the art of making chocolate.
Weiss proposes only the most authentic, exquisitely pure chocolate without any added vegetables fats, preservative or colouring agents.
Strived for excellence, Weiss selects the best raw materials, and is proud to offer a harmonious palette of tastes throughout its range of chocolate (couverture, laboratory products, napolitains, palets, bars, cocoa powder, granulates, disks).

Chocolaterie Weiss - 1, rue Eugène Weiss - BP 242 - 42006 Saint Etienne Cedex 1 - France